Our garden is beautiful and serene due to the vision of our mother, Huei Young.  It has an Asian theme to it that is largely influenced by Feng Shui.  It is hard work to keep it looking nice all the time, but we do try our best.  Huei Young is a great student of Feng Shui and we are all very proud of her achievements.

Our friend Danny Chung is responsible for creating this wonderful website. He is also a professional photographer who is responsible for all the beautiful photos.  He has been a great friend to the Young family over the years. Please visit his website( site to see his wonderful work


Our friend linda is our photographer. She is responsible for taking such good pictures of the garden

Bert Bangert, contractor and close friend, did many of the modifications to the house, inside and out, including all of the new, larger windows and the shoji panels in the center section of the front of the house.

Don Rudisill has known Huei and Frank Young since 1971, when he first came to Davis. Over the years, he has used his woodworking abilities to add features in both of their homes and gardens. These include moongates, Japanese shoji panels and decorative grills.

Over the last decade, Huei's Gardens has been working with Pepe and his team from S&B Landscaping, located in Dixon, CA. The team from S&B are responsible for a majority of the work performed at the gardens and are very highly recommended by us. You can contact Pepe at S&B at (707)678-6972 

Special thanks to Manuel for all his hard work maintaining the garden

Special thanks to Manuel for all his hard work maintaining the garden