About Huei's Garden

Huei Young's gardens are a reflection of her interest in nature, harmony and tranquility. The inspiration of her gardens was her father, who, unable to create a large garden in the limited space available where they lived in Taiwan, expressed his love of form, nature and scenery in his calligraphy and paintings.  

It was Huei's hope to create an Asian garden that her father could visit and enjoy. Unfortunately, he passed away before the garden was completed.

The garden at her Davis home has been the site of numerous fund-raisers for non-profit organizations and it is there that she prepared and hosted a luncheon for dignitaries from Wuxi, Davis's sister city in China. Huei is well known for her Chinese culinary skills, which she shares once a month in a cooking for Davis Community Meals. Guests are always amazed that such an oasis of beauty and exquisite design exists within a residential area.

At both homes, the one in Davis and Palo Alto, Huei's goal is to create an atmosphere in which the home is an integral part of the garden and she accomplishes this through the principles of Feng Shui, by incorporating wood, stone, mirrors and natural colors throughout. Large, expansive windows pull the atmosphere of the garden into the home.